Unique motifs

  • Helicopter of the Port Authority New York 1958
  • Frida Kahlo 1937
  • Charles Lindbergh 1933
  • Munich 1945, GIs conquer Munich - 30.04.1945 Obermenzing
The Historiathek is a new picture collection on historical topics. Premium photos are digitised and prepared from archive originals for use in publications. Professional picture journalists looking for new motifs are in the right place here.
From many thousands of hours of film material we scan still images with modern digital technology. The quality of the new scans clearly surpasses older archive images. Most of our motifs have never been shown publicly.
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Are you looking for special motifs? Contact us – we have tens of thousands of pictures in process.

Simple licensing model

Purchase once, use it for an unlimited time and worldwide for the desired type of use – this is how clear and simple modern licensing should be. The Historiathek licenses its photos exclusively to business customers.
The masters of the historical scans have a resolution of about 5740×4315 pixels. The master will be delivered after payment via download. We accept standard credit cards. You can read more about licences and conditions in the GTC.
Apropos: The secret of Woolworth was fixed prices for good goods. The branch in Columbus Haus at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin was a magnet. This photo, first published here, dates from 1937
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